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      Calling out 6th District officials
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Calling out 6th District officials   12/22/2008 4:49:53 PM score: 0    hide

Having watched 6th district officiating ( I even ref for2 years) over the last 15 years I've been amazed at the small man syndrom shown by the 6th district officials. I watched a fan the other night get kicked out of a small school basketball game for no other reason but standing up and pointing and yelling at a horrible call ( there was no volgarity or rudeness involved), ( fans from both schools would agree) These two officials had been horrible both ways all night. They where refing their third game of the night after already doing the JV boys , the Varsity Girls, and than varsity Boys. It was so apparent that they where tired and had not stepped up the the boys level of play. The home school's Superintendant actually appoligized to the kicked out fan, And I qoute " i'mn really sorry for you getting kicked out it appeared you had done nothing differant than any other fan in the stands" close qoute. I feel that the official booted the fan because he was totally embaressed for making such a bad call ( one that was rather obvious) and with his low self esteem decided to take the attention off himself and put it on the fan's back.  who is the  commish? Why are we allowing the same ref's to alway ref the same teams time after time. AND why are you allowing bad official to try to run three games in a row. Why are we throwing fans out for simply voicing their paid for opinions? It was always taught to me that if the fans are not vulgur, and creating a hostile enviroment , that a good official will ignor them. Yet you must know by now that these where winded stress out officials that should not get anything from SANTA.


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Re: Calling out 6th District officials (HUGH FOSTER) ????  12/22/2008 10:49:10 PM score: 0    hide

you are not calling anybody out hiding behind your screen name. i usually will not reply to comments like this, but i would like to know why if a fan pays for his/her ticket that gives them the right to yell at refs. i find it hard to believe that one comment got the fan kicked out. was it your school that got beat is that why there is such a problem? you want refs that are not tired maybe not scheduling three games in a row is a start. schools do not want to pay for extra people to come work games if guys are already there.


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Re: Calling out 6th District officials (HUGH FOSTER) ????  12/23/2008 10:19:58 AM score: 0    hide

"Paid for opinions"?? There is no way you were a ref for any amount of time if you can subscribe to such an idiotic idea. People pay to yell at the refs? Incredible. I am pretty sure the price of admission only included the opportunity to watch an athletic event or two.

"standing up and pointing and yelling at a horrible call"
I'm is this not rude? What if the ref came to your work place and stood up and yelled at you every time he thought you made a mistake? The police would probably be called and he would be taken away. Yet, for some strange reason, you think that it is ok to do the exact same thing to him, even encouraged, since you paid a few bucks to walk in the door. Once again..incredible.

"....not....creating a hostile environment"
The refs are not paid to ignore comments shouted at them from the stands. They are paid to referee a basketball game. Standing up and yelling at someone is, guess what? creating a hostile environment. Try it with your wife if you have one. Just walk up to her and start yelling and see how quickly the environment gets hostile. Make sure you give her $5 before you start though, because then you can tell her it is ok because you paid her first.

Instead of blasting these guys for being tired, how about thanking them for doing a job that obviously no one else would. I didn't see, or even hear about, the game you are talking about. Let's assume that things were as bad as you say. Somehow the sun rose the next morning. Everyone who is reading this is still breathing. This is high school sports for crying out loud.



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Re: Calling out 6th District officials (HUGH FOSTER) ????  12/23/2008 10:42:32 AM score: 0    hide

Well put Desk Jock!!! I couldn't agree more.


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Re: Calling out 6th District officials (HUGH FOSTER) ????  12/23/2008 11:21:13 AM score: 0    hide

Well said everyone, but lets not forget the officiating in this area really sucks!


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Re: Re: Calling out 6th District officials (HUGH FOSTER) ??  12/23/2008 11:38:10 AM score: 0    hide

If it truly sucks, then you need to become an official and replace the ones we have. Until you find the time and energy and commitment to take this on, then be thankful that these guys step up to the plate and take it. There are a handful of officials that frustrate me to no end. But as long as they are willing to do this and I am not, then I write off the bad calls as part of the game. Often times, we (the fans) are mistaken and we missed the call.


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Re: Re: Re: Calling out 6th District officials (HUGH FOSTER) ??  12/23/2008 1:39:36 PM score: 0    hide

I don't need to become an official, because i don't have what it takes to be a good one, but that does not diminish the fact that a lot of refs around here suck!


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Re: Calling out 6th District officials (HUGH FOSTER) ????  12/23/2008 2:43:28 PM score: 0    hide

If you have ever officiated a basketball game you will quickly realize that your view from the stands is very much different from that of an official on the floor. Am I saying that officials don't make a bad call every now and then, no I am not, but you must keep it in perspective of your view and theirs. One of my heart burns is an official making a call from behind a player but again they have a different look than I do. I for one think our officials do a very good job overall. I have thought about joining the ranks of officials in the 5th district but I really enjoy watching our kids from the district play and I have only one eye so you can imagine the heat I would take when people found that out.


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Re: Calling out 6th District officials (HUGH FOSTER) ????  12/23/2008 3:02:26 PM score: 0    hide

I would have to agree with Desk Lock, Woodeye and bptwister.  Officiating is an extremely difficult job to do.  Especially if you are working more than 1 game a night. It doesn't matter if it 8 or 9 grade or fresh, JV and Var.  Many schools do not want to pay the travel expense to get multiple officials for 2 or more games in a night. 

While you were reffing how many times did you work multiple games?  Why did you stop officiating after 2 years?  Just because someone paid admission doesn't mean they can say what they want.  Cheer for your team and not against the other team or the officials. Standing up and yelleing at an official is like putting a target on your back.  Your are going to get removed.

If you want to talk to Hugh, give him a call.  Do not blast him on the boards under a sudo name. email me a and I will get you his number. 


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Re: Calling out 6th District officials (HUGH FOSTER) ????  12/23/2008 9:10:23 PM score: 0    hide

A big BALONEY to some of you even the world renoun Desk Jock, you seem to think that is OK to flock shoot fans yea thats right. I've seen many Highland Pocatello games, how about a Shelly Firth game or even Skyline Idaho Falls games, in my oppinion these games always have dozens of fans, mean spirited people who have been twice as bad as this particular fan, that was kick out. In all cases the official's I've watched are for the most part have been  profesional , and pay closer attention to the game than the fans. It was and still is bad officiating to listen to the loud fans. DJ in this particular case dozens of fans reacted, including myself yet the call was plain horrible and the official knew,  therefore turning the crowds attention to a fan instead of himself. DJ I respect you very much , but I beleive your analogies are totally misdirected. The 6th district has many outstanding ref's that keep it positive , and stay away from confrontations with the fans. I believe that fans should be able to react as long as it is'nt dirty and prolonged. They have always done so, you, nor myself can argue this. As far as not officiating these days I would rather watch the kids play and not even notice the ref's.

I've known Hugh for over 30  years he was and still is a positive official, he would never notice a fan 's reaction in the crowd as long as it was short and not volgar. He is a proffesional. I did not blast him in any way, I simply ask him a question. I dont need his number I already have it. But I'd much rather talk to him face to face with creditable evidance.

 One other questions? why are we assigning the same official to the same teams???? year after year . Is it the travel issue? or what?

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