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      Idaho State Wrestling Tournament Review
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Idaho State Wrestling Tournament Review  2/27/2017 10:05:31 AM score: 0    hide

I had a number of issues with the Tournament this year... #1 The Hard surface has been an issue every since we started using this facility and it has never been corrected, hence more injuries with wrestlers getting dinged from hitting there heads on the hard surface. #2 The Mat assignments...Why put one mat on one side and another mat on the opposite side? Group the classification mats together! #3 The Awards stands need to be replaced! #4 The Skin checks should of happened at weigh ins and not done so early in the morning! #5 The coaches meeting not being advertised and the way they did the voting for coach of the year...The nominations should of happened at the tournament after the first day and the voting cast the second day! How can you be accurate when you haven't seen everyone wrestle yet to at least form a more accurate idea? #6 To have a two day tournament at this facility is Terrible! There is to much crammed into two days without depriving wrestlers, coaches and fans sleep, the opportunity to watch more matches and enjoy the State Tournament Environment. #7 The lack of programs for sell. None were sold on the second day!


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Re: Idaho State Wrestling Tournament Review  2/27/2017 10:15:01 AM score: 0    hide

I don't think I could have put it better Palestra!  The only thing I would add is the lack of opportunity to view it online without paying for a subscription.  Correct me if I am wrong but didn't stream it last year for free?  I remember coming home last year and watching all the archived videos and didn't pay a dime.  We all want to grow this sport in Idaho and our most visited sports site (Idahosports) has little to no mention of wrestling at all.  I have had multiple people in the last couple of days tell me they couldn't figure out how to watch or didn't want to pay the money.  Lets get it together Idaho and provide a streaming option for all to watch as well as archive. 

On to your comments... the skin checks Saturday were absolutely pointless.  They did them Friday at weigh ins (which were a mess as well), why the need for Saturday morning?  The coach of the year voting system is a joke.  Not saying the coaches that won are not very deserving by why do it at the coaches meeting where half of the tourney is still to be wrestled and not all the coaches attend?  Let's up the participation by having it Saturday at the actual tournament.  Lastly, the two sessions at this facility really hurt attendance and the opportunity for all fans to watch all divisions.

bear hug

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Re: Idaho State Wrestling Tournament Review  2/27/2017 10:36:38 AM score: 0    hide

I agree with all your points. Especially the coach of the year. Look at what a coach has done with their team during the state meet. Many teams with less talent rise to the occasion and finish higher then ranked during the season.

The Other Idaho

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Re: Idaho State Wrestling Tournament Review  2/27/2017 11:07:46 AM score: 0    hide

Lack of bios! What's up with that? Nothing draws a crowd into a match like a little back story. Several great match ups in all divisions State Champ vs State Champ, This wrestler going for his 4th etc... Kids look forward to their accomplishments being put on display they work all season for that record and it deserves to be heard. On the up side I do like being closer to the mat and didn't hate the Dutch Bros trailer!


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Re: Idaho State Wrestling Tournament Review  2/27/2017 11:09:07 AM score: 0    hide

well said on all points. The issue that concerned me the most was the mats on, side sections had been taken out of the mats to squeeze 12 mats into tight confines. It was concerning to see how many wrestlers were falling into neighboring mats, (who were lucky compared to the wrestlers getting flung onto concrete). From my perspective, this is a horrible disregard for the safety of wrestlers...even the protection of the mat is greatly reduced by placing it on such a hard and unforgiving surface.

If the tournament is going to continue to be held in Boise every few years, it needs to be mandatory that a carpet or turf be placed below all the mats, (at a minimum). Perhaps Pocatello requires more travel for fans, but the Holt Arena really is the better facility to host a two day tournament with a full 16 mats surrounded by field turf, (16 mats that don't need to have the outer circles touching). Continuing the tournament as it was held this weekend will just mean the IHSAA is comfortable with taking unnecessary risk with the safety and health of young high school athletes. Let's please put the safety of our wrestlers ahead of travel convenience and gate proceeds. This is a fixable issue...if we just take this seriously.


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Re: Re: Idaho State Wrestling Tournament Review  2/27/2017 11:11:27 AM score: 0    hide

Agreed Other Idaho...where were the bios??? They asked coaches to complete bio sheets and then nothing was read? It seemed unorganized and a let down to not recognize the great accomplishments of those finalists.


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Re: Idaho State Wrestling Tournament Review  2/27/2017 11:21:07 AM score: 0    hide

AMEN!  With mat assignment put a division in each corner. 


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Re: Idaho State Wrestling Tournament Review  2/27/2017 12:07:03 PM score: 0    hide

I like the Idaho Center. Partly for the view and partly for the convenience. I did miss the Bios, not having brackets hung up for all to view and no programs on Saturday.


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Re: Idaho State Wrestling Tournament Review  2/27/2017 12:17:03 PM score: 0    hide

As far as #4 - skin checks... It is a little funny to me that they did skin checks at all. They have to pass a check the day before, and it is the last day of the season. What do they miss if they catch something the second day? They wont even miss spring freestyle/greco in the time it take to clear something up if they do. It seems to be to be unnecessary. I would also say that while I know there are issues with going north for the state tournament, doing it at least one year at the U of I would be great and could help with the hard floor issue as well. I love having the tournament go fast. I would rather cram everything in to as small a time as possible as I would string it out to make it fill a bigger time frame. just my thoughts.


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Re: Idaho State Wrestling Tournament Review  2/27/2017 12:28:34 PM score: 0    hide

I prefer the Idaho Center. There were some problems, but honestly, Boise is a better place to hold it. Hotels don't jack up their rates three times normal. And there are plenty of rooms for teams and fans. (you have to make reservations several months in advance in Poky or you may have to stay in IF. There are plenty of places to eat in Nampa /Boise. Poky restaurants Friday night are ridiculously packed. There are for sure some improvements that could be made, but facility wise and town wise, I prefer the Idaho Center. They stopped hosting it at the U of I a log time ago due to lack of hotels. People were staying in CDA and Spokane.... I wish Post falls / CDA city would build an arena.....

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