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      John Berry Tourney
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John Berry Tourney  1/28/2018 1:04:39 PM score: 0    hide

What are your thoughts? Surprises?


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Re: John Berry Tourney  1/28/2018 9:52:07 PM score: 0    hide

152 lb. match. They had that ref all sorts of tensed up. I think when they started back in the center the last 10 seconds, the whistle hadn't even been blown before they started yelling, "HE'S STALLING!" Pretty sad how that ended up.

Far Fetched

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Re: John Berry Tourney  1/28/2018 10:49:40 PM score: 0    hide

I watched that match at 152. I think the ref was slow to call stalling earlier and thus he had to make up for it. The very slow mat returns and the going down and hanging on to one leg. Not a huge Sugar fan, but less of a stalling fan. And Ririe stalled that match.

Controversial for sure but I would rather see action than stalling. I also thought through out the tourney the refs let kids parallel ride for way too long.

Make'em wrestle. Fans want action.


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Re: John Berry Tourney  1/28/2018 11:01:09 PM score: 0    hide

I agree with Far Fetched. But the crowd definitely had an opinion either way. Lots of screaming on that one at 152. I think the best match of the night, and probably one of the more important match ups, was at 285 with Copley knocking off McGinnis. It is fun to watch big guys go at it when there is some much on the line.


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Re: John Berry Tourney  1/29/2018 1:36:17 PM score: 0    hide

I agree the 152 lb match was a bit of a junk show from an officiating point of view.  There should have been stalling called earlier.  The last one was no where near a count when he was called.  I would like to see the rear standing stall called more often.  Once on the feet either return to the mat, or cut lose for the escape, or dinged for stalling.  It is not called very consistently.  A couple matches earlier is wasn't called at all.  Speaking of stalling what was up with the 220 match?  The Teton kid had taken every shot that was taken, scored on many and yet he was called for stalling.  Hard to hit the guy taking the shots but it happened.  Stalling is my annoyance.  Good thing I don't ref. 

HWT was an interesting match.  McGinnis missed on a headlock in the first round and that was the difference.  Typical lumbering bears working for an elbow pass or an arm drag to a snatch single.  I would call this a 50-50 match wrestled again. 

132 was another match that was lack luster.  Two very defensive wrestlers waiting to counter on the other.  Ramero likes to get a wrist and hang on it from neutral.  Doing nothing but hang on a wrist.  Call holds position but doesn't look to create a shot.  Similar match with D!ckenson last weekend.  I would like to see both open up and try to score a little more. 

170 Hobbs is a beast.  He is one of my favorite to watch.  Only chance Wood has is a hail Mary of a headlock, spladle, or cradle.  Hard to get any against really good kids.  Wood eats up guys that get out of position but stay square and he struggles.  He is strong and long creating problems.

126 I called this one for Kesl but I figured Norman would make it more difficult that it became.  I was thinking 5-6 or similar type match.  I didn't see Norman create any real offense which surprises me because Norman is a beast on top. Credit Kesl.  Didn't see Moulton in the mix.  Banta out.  126 While still tough wasn't what I had hoped.


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Re: John Berry Tourney  1/30/2018 12:05:44 PM score: 0    hide

98: I think another important and good match up was the Number 1 2A vs Number 1 3A. Bruce vs. Little Stacey. I like to see high ranked guys go against each other.

132: I think Call could have opened up and scored in that match whenever he wanted to. But I think that is kind of his style.

195: Wasden and Gissel have been trading spots for number 1 at 3A back and forth. Not any longer. All Gissel.

126: Farmer as you stated you don't like Stalling. Neither do I. And as you stated "a few matches previous it wasn't called at all". I think that is in reference to this match.

220: The Stall call there was a head scratcher. I thought it was the wrong arm... but even after clarification it stuck. Strange.

Going into John Berry just looking at the teams attending, I thought 126 would be the toughest weight. I think it ended up at maybe 120 or maybe even 182. Christensen losing to Flores was a huge surprise to me.

The question I have is where were the North Gem studs. Barfuss and Rindlisbaker. They have been toping the charts in 2A. I wanted to see if they were as improved as one might suspect? John Berry has been typically rough on them in the past.

Far Fetched

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Re: John Berry Tourney  1/30/2018 3:02:24 PM score: 0    hide

I would say there were some very good matches at the JB. It was fun to watch and there was some great matches that really got the crowds involved. I think that most people really enjoyed the finals. And I ate like a king in their lunch room. Over all it was a great experience.

So what I liked:

The food in the cafeteria was great. I stayed the full two days and was stuffed with good food. I liked that they ran 6 mats. They got through the tourney fast. I like the fact the JB is truly a little school tourney. It is a place where little schools can see their true competition. I like that it is a really tough tourney. If you place there. You should place at state. I hope they grow it. I think having a couple more school there from the west and the north would make it even better. I also like wrestling under the light for the championship.

What I didn't like:

There were a couple breaks. Said they were too fast between matches an had to space it out for wait times. Sometimes the other smaller newer gym was too packed to sit down. So people had to stand up. and it was crowded. If it is a little school tourney why was Skyline there? I didn't understand that. The stall calls from the 6th district refs are all over the place. Some call some, some call none, and others call it wrong both ways. I am sure that they had multiple trainings on the new out of bounds rules... I would hope they are being trained on the art of the stall call as well. This brings me to the next point of Cautions. If you couldn't tell who did it. Please don't guess and get it wrong. I saw a lot of mis-charged cautions. That punishes kids that didn't do anything wrong. Get it right or eat the caution. I know this one is hard because you are doing a lot of stuff prepping for the action. Checking time, checking with the table, watching legs, hands, the lines, and covered elbows. Making sure you have the right guy on top and bottom. I get it. So I guess my my real beef is with officials from the 6th.

Other than that I will be sure to watch again if my local team continue to go. Which they should. Good luck to all of you in your preparations for Districts and State. Us Fans are cheering for you.

Far Fetched

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Re: John Berry Tourney  1/30/2018 3:25:49 PM score: 0    hide

I reread my message. It seem as I was coming off negative. So I am listing a couple other things I liked: I liked that John Berry was there. Awesome coach from another era. Respect. I liked the award to the south Fremont kid. The spirit of wrestling award or something like that. I like the sugar awards boards in the main gym showing all of their state champ years and individual champs. That board takes up half a wall in the main gym. I think that kind of tradition carries forward. I think my school and other schools could learn a thing or two from the honor they give their wrestlers. I also liked that I sat next to an old cowboy, in the hard back chairs, that liked to talk about the Sugar kids. Tip of the hat to him.

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