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      Copper Clad Aluminum Magnesium Wire suppliers
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Company Introduction EO Copper (Copper Materials Supplier) is a privately run company that originated from its parent company of 2002 in Shenyang, Liaoning EO Technology Co., Ltd. EO Copper Company takes the science and technology as the impetus, strives for the survival by the quality. Product Introduction EO copper supplies all kinds of copper from our main warehouse located in Shenyang, and from other warehouses in different cities in China to all over the world. For copper we can supply copper sheet, copper tube, copper rod, copper wire, copper strip, copper profile, copper fasteners and various copper alloy products. EO Copper supply you copper products that are good in quality and reasonable in price. Product Main Applications Copper application areas cover a wide variety of different disciplines. Architecture and construction The most comprehensive resource presenting as much information about copper's properties, existing technology and application to the educational design and construction field as presently exists. Automotive and transportation Recent tests prove that 90-10 copper-nickel tube (UNS C70600) is superior to steel tubes when run through over 120 cycles (includes test results, pictures). Electrical Emphasizing residential and commercial elements, this section contains information on copper wiring systems for households and small commercial construction. You will find some articles pertaining to power quality issues. Our Service EO copper has professional techniques, advanced processing equipment, perfect testing process. Customer is first, reputation is important, quality is a must point. The long-term cooperation with you is our goal. Copper Clad Aluminum Magnesium Wire suppliers website: website2:

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