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      Idaho Growth Allowance
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Idaho Growth Allowance  2/9/2018 8:15:57 AM score: 0    hide

For the record, the Growth allowance may not be used to qualify for a lower weight class like so many big tournaments in Idaho are allowing (Rollie Lane, Tiger Grizz, Idaho's Hall of Fame Classic, etc.) So wrestlers like Derrick Stacy and Destin Summers moving down to wrestle 113 and 120 is a violation of the rules set by the IHSAA. The Hall of Fame classic is also in violation for not upholding the rules.


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Re: Idaho Growth Allowance  2/9/2018 8:40:40 AM score: 0    hide

Let's take away their birthdays! No but in all seriousness, the HOF matches are not counted towards their records. But the other tourneys are not following the rules file a complaint with the IHSAA. Not that they will do anything because they are about as worthless as a bull that tries to produce milk.


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Re: Idaho Growth Allowance  2/9/2018 10:22:28 AM score: 0    hide

The wrestler only has to make the scratch weight 3x which can include making scratch for the second weigh in. One tournament and a dual and the boys may have their scratch weights in. I think many teams and wrestlers are learning that only making a cut in weight for tournaments that are more competitive is better for the wrestler. Both the referenced boys are elite wrestlers who know how and when it is necessary to make a certain weight class and when it’s not worth it. I personally think it’s good for the wrestlers to shift around weights and challenge themselves with different match-ups at the end of the day the wrestler and coach know what weight class is best for the wrestler to be most competitive in and that’s likely the one they are competing in for hall of fame duals or other large tournaments. I am not a parent of either of those wrestlers however my own wrestler competes 2-3 weight classes in high school above what he will in a competitive national or regional tournament.


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Re: Idaho Growth Allowance  2/9/2018 11:34:40 AM score: 0    hide

You can only count one scratch per event, so no you can not get two scratches for one Tournament.


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Re: Idaho Growth Allowance  2/9/2018 12:04:42 PM score: 0    hide

To be eligible for district and state competition, each wrestler must weigh-in at scratch weight, then compete at scratch weight, or up one weight above scratch weight, on three of the 15 regular season dates.

My interpretation of that means: dates = events. A tourney is one event. Therefore, only one weigh-in per event.

Other interpretation are welcome to express their views.


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Re: Idaho Growth Allowance  2/9/2018 12:41:00 PM score: 0    hide

Palestra, can you show where in the rules it spells out that you cannot use the growth allowance to qualify for a lower weight? This issue has been brought up so many times but I have never actually seen it worded the way you put it. Below was copied directly from the IHSAA rules and regulations off of IHSAA's website. It is obvious that it cannot be used to make scratch but I have never been able to find where it states it cannot be used to qualify and wrestle at a lower weight. To be clear, I have no vested interest in either of those wrestlers, but rather hoping to get it straight once and for all. Growth Allowance A two pound growth allowance will be added to each weight class on the second Sunday in January. A wrestler may not use the two pound growth allowance to make scratch weight.

Far Fetched

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Re: Idaho Growth Allowance  2/9/2018 12:43:30 PM score: 0    hide

This is a lot bigger issue than Summers and Stacey. I am sorry they are poster boys for this discussion. It is not the fault of the boys. The problem exists and is way bigger than just these two kids and it is a state wide issue. I can think of dozens instances of the 4 lbs weight allowance acting as means to drop a weight (more weight cutting than usual) rather than being a reprieve from the weight cutting. And most of the out of state teams use this all the time when they travel to Idaho to wrestle. And I have no proof, that these boys have, or haven't made their scratches. I don't think anyone has that proof. Save "maybe" their coaches. The rest of us are just speculating. I think a lot more of this happens out of our view because it happens with non-top-tier kids.

My purpose for joining in on this discussion is just trying to clarify the rules. Not cast shadows. I would like clarification or a rule change. Enforce it or Change it. I remember the Ririe coach not being able to coach his team at State because of a somewhat small infraction. I would rather the people know the rules than get their coaches nipped. Or worse get their kids nipped.


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Re: Idaho Growth Allowance  2/9/2018 1:22:12 PM score: 0    hide

Look at the 2018 wrestling State Championships tournament Manual which is found on page 6 under growth allowance. A two-pound growth allowance will be added to each weight class for all wrestlers on the second Sunday in January. This may not be used to qualify for a lower weight class. Examples: Wrestler A's minimum certified wrestling weight is 115 pounds(documented on the alpha sheet), which puts him/her in the 120 weight class. After the second Sunday in January, the 113 weight class becomes 115, but Wrestler A is still only eligible for the 120 lb. [weight] class.


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Re: Idaho Growth Allowance  2/9/2018 1:31:01 PM score: 0    hide

The intent of the rule was to allow growth during the season not cut more weight to get to the next lower weight class.


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Re: Idaho Growth Allowance  2/9/2018 1:42:54 PM score: 0    hide

#1P It seems you are saying that the wrestlers are going below the minimum weight class that they are certified for. I'm curious how you know what weight class these wrestlers are certified for? They may be certified to go that low but just need the extra allowance to get there. The 3 scratch weights are per event but some tournaments count as 2 events so we've always treated it as 2 scratch weights for those few two event tournaments.

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